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Solution Overview

Reduce Test Runs and CI Pipeline Build Time by 80% with Appsurify!
Overview of Appsurify TestBrain Solution: AI-Powered Risk Based Testing, Flaky Test Management, Your Model Insights & Performance, and Test Run Analytics.
Appsurify is a QA Intelligence Platform focused on optimizing CI pipelines and Automated Test Runs through its patented Risk-Based Testing Technology for Faster Test Feedback and Streamlined Workflows.

Patented Risk-based Testing Technology

Appsurify's patented proprietary Risk-based testing technology leverages AI/ML to auto select and execute only the tests relevant to recent Developer changes on a per Commit basis.
By only running a Smart Subset of tests, teams optimize their CI pipeline and get Test Feedback to QA & Developer 10x faster - freeing up infrastructure resources and increasing team output.
Appsurify is code-language agnostic and supports all test types, such as UI, E2E, API, Integration, Unit, etc.
Best practice has Teams running dynamic smart subsets throughout the day with a schedule Full Run periodically to catch anything that may have been missed in the Smart Test Selection.
This Best Practice is adopted by tech giants, Facebook and Google. Link here.

Flaky Test Management

Appsurify has two underlying AI-Models, one for Risk Based Test Selection and another for Flaky Test Management.
Appsurify's Flaky AI-Model can distinguish tests that have failed due to real defects versus tests that have failed due to Flakiness, i.e., no underlying change to the codebase.
Stop Flaky Tests
Give Developers and QA Clean Signals throughout the Day!
Flaky Tests or False Flags distract Developers and QA teams from the real-defects.
By leveraging Appsurify's Flaky AI-Model, teams can optionally configure their Builds and Test Runs to fail only on Real-Defects even when there is a high percentage of Flakiness in their test runs to keep their Builds and Test Executions running optimally.
Because giving clean signals back to Developers and QA saves precious time during the workday.

Your Model Insights & Performance

One of the latest features and value additions to the Appsurify QA Intelligence Platform has been the introduction of Your Model Insights Page in the UI.
Trust is the cornerstone of AI/ML, and Your Model Page gives full transparency into your Model's Performance on a Per Run basis.
AI Model Performance
Test it! Select a Percentage of Tests to Run to See how Your Model Performs at the most Granular Level!
Simulate how your Model will perform on a per Run Basis by selecting a Percentage of Tests to Run to see which tests are Optimized (not run), Prioritized (run), Regressions Found Early (defects caught in smart subset), and anything the AI-Model may have missed in Deferred Regressions (Defects that will be picked up at the next Full Run).
Once Appsurify is engaged and actively Prioritizing your Tests, Your Model Insights page will always be available for reference to ensure you always have visibility and trust in an easy to understand Dashboard on how your Model is performing in Real-Time.
More information on Your Model Insights & Performance.

Test Run Analytics

In your Summary Page, have a complete view to the value your Risk Based Test Selection is having on your team's newly optimized workflows and Test Run Analytics
CI Optimization Analytics
Dashboard into Real-Time Analytics
Dynamically see how each test run is performing and bringing faster value to your organization.
  • Follow the Health and Integration for the Project to Optimize.
  • Gain insight into the Maturity of their Model for the active Project via the "Maturity Wheel"
  • Visibility into the Value Appsurify brings through the "Time Savings" and "Risk Based Test Selection" Graphs.
  • More information on the Dashboard here.