SaaS or On-Prem

Learn whether Appsurify should be working as a SaaS or an On-Prem solution for your company

SaaS and On-Premise Available

Appsurify offers two installations options:

  • Securely Hosted in Microsoft Azure and follows all Security & Compliance Best Practices.

  • No Direct Connection to Git-Required.

    • Push-only read data of Commit Metadata. (No write access required).

    • No access to files or folders, only code snippets.

    • Data is encrypted in transit & at rest.

  • Please visit our Trust Cloud for documentation, etc.


  • Fully secure, no outside connection. Completely behind client Firewall.

  • No data shared externally.

  • Installed via Docker Image on internal VM.

  • Available via Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.

    • Microsoft Offering Here.

    • AWS Offering: Coming Soon!

For On-Premise deployments help, please reach out to Appsurify Customer Success.

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