Configure Alerts

Configure Email Alerts

Configure Alerts to Failures based on your Preference

Choose the desired alert type and frequency:

  1. Set the Alert Frequency:

    1. Immediate: Alerts are sent out as soon as the specified risks occur.

    2. Daily: Alerts are combined into a single daily alert sent at the specified time.

    3. Weekly: Alerts are combined into a single weekly alert sent on the specified day of the week and time.

    4. Monthly: Alerts are combined into a single monthly alert sent on the specified date and time.

  2. Set Delivery Time:

    1. Move the delivery hour and day next to period instead of below it.

  3. Set the Alert Type:

    1. High Risk Commit: Any commit which TestBrain has identified as having a high risk of containing a defect.

    2. Test Failure: A test run with a failure that indicates a new defect. Test failures due to flaky tests and open bugs are automatically excluded.

    3. Test Runs: Completion of an automated test run, including details of pass or fail status.

    4. Flagged Files: A commit which modifies flagged files or functional code areas. Flagged file alerts can provide notification of changes to business-critical areas of the application or areas of the code known to be defect prone.

    5. Test Prioritization Savings: A report on the accuracy of Appsurify's automated test prioritization, showing the number of defects that would have been caught running Appsurify's high, medium, and low priority tests and the reduction in the number of tests required by executing only the high or medium priority tests.

    6. Risk Analysis Results: A report detailing the accuracy of Appsurify's risk analysis. This report looks at the defects fixed in the time period specified and then determines the risk of the commits containing the defect and reports the results. Thus, this report displays the accuracy of the commit risk analysis for the defects found in the time period.

    7. Specified Risk Criteria: Choose your own risk criteria for each commit to generate an alert. Risk factors you can select include:

      1. More than the specified number of functional areas changed in the commit.

      2. More than the specified number of files changed in the commit.

      3. More than the specified number of folders changed in the commit.

      4. Commit made by a specified author.

      5. Commit made by an author who has not changed this area of the code before.

      6. Commit made at a specified time or date.

      7. Commit changes code older than a specified age.

  4. Add Alert Recipients

    1. Enter the email for a single recipient for the alert or a list of recipients separated by semicolons.

  5. Click Save when done.

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