Best Practice: Before Turning On

Important Reminders to have in place

IMPORTANT: Where to Insert your AI Model

Appsurify is designed to bring speed and resource saving while inserting a measured amount of risk into each test run i.e., Catch 99%+ of Bugs running a Smart Subset of 10-20% of Tests.

Best Practice is to insert your AI-Model into a Pre-Merge environment where a scheduled Full-Run or Catch-All takes place before Release.

A Developer Branch or Feature branch is a great example of where value is most realized. Activity is high, CI pipelines are busy, and the need for quick feedback is important.

Best Practice Placement:

  • Pre-Commit Checks

  • Pre-Merge CI Jobs

Please consult with Appsurify Customer Success if you wish to implement in

  • Post-Merge CI Jobs

  • Pre-release / Nightly CI Jobs

Appsurify is designed to Save Time and Resources during the productivity day (or when CI pipelines are most active) and to ensure changesets are tested thoroughly before releasing.

IMPORTANT: Ensure to schedule Full Run as Catch-All

As you can see from the picture above, during the productivity day - Smart Subsets are being executed in the CI Pipeline for instant Developer Feedback, Boosted Output, and Resource Savings. Then periodically, execute a Full run as the Catch All Run to pick up any deferred regressions not caught in the Smart Subsets.

Schedule your Full Run (timing configurable to your preference, such as Twice a Day, Nightly, or over the Weekend). This is customizable depending on your Test Strategy.

Please feel free to contact Appsurify Customer Success on the Best Strategy for You.

IMPORTANT: Ensure Fail-Safe Command is in Place before Turning On

If there's any disconnection or case where Appsurify is not synced, Appsurify will always by default go back "Running All Tests." Ensure in the Command, there's a Fall-back Command enabled to default to running "All Tests" should there be any issue with Appsurify connection.

For any questions here, please contact Appsurify Customer Success.

If you have any questions about how best implement Prioritized Testing strategy that makes sense for your team, please reach out to Appsurify Customer Success.

Now that you known where to insert your AI-Model, when to run your Catch-All, and inserted the Fail-Safe Command, time to start Prioritized Testing!

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