Step 2: Connect Repository

Start Pushing Commit Metadata

Repositories Supported

Appsurify supports all Git-based, Microsoft TFVC, SVN, and Perforce Repositories.

Repository Architectures Supported:

  • Monolithic

  • Multi-Repo

  • Microservices

Connect Repository via CLI Script

The below example shows the --gittoappsurify command to push Commit Metadata to Appsurify. This command will push the project details and bind the Developer Repository so that Appsurify can see the changes and base it's Predictive Test Selection criteria based on areas of change from recent Commits.

*Need to have Python 3.7 installed or higher*

Step 1: Install AppsurifyCI

Place script in CLI (as seen in image below, and above --gittoappsurify)

--pip install --upgrade pip

Then Enter:

--pip install appsurifyci --upgrade

Step 2: Enter your Script


--pip install appsurifyci --upgrade


--gittoappsurify --start "latest" --url "" --project "application" --token "NTk65cD1Ua3doV3luNDRuMjNCMDRjV2EVkx0dwzz" --branch "branch" --repo_name "repo"

Script Parameters Defined



Connection to Appsurify Servers

--start "latest"

Latest Commit, needs FULL SHA

--url ""

Your Domain

--project "application"

the name of your Project during initial setup

--token "API Key"

API Key found under your username in top right hand corner dropdown menu. API Key can be configured in CI Server as a Secret

--branch "branch"

Developer Branch we are targeting

--repo_name "repo"

Name of Developer Repository we are targeting


Prints out more information for any issues

git fetch --all then git checkout [branch]

Issues with Connecting Repository...

Once the project is pushed, Appsurify will look it up and your Repo Bind will turn Green in the Summary Page and Appsurify will begin receiving regular Developer Commits.

If have any questions or for troubleshooting, please contact Appsurify Customer Success

Other Connection Types:

  • SSH Key

  • GitHub / Bitbucket APIs via Oauth (approval likely needed)

  • Microsoft TFVC via Script

  • Perforce Connection via Script

  • SVN Connection via Script

If you'd like to Connect a Repository other than Git, please contact Appsurify Customer Success.

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