Training AI Model

Learning Mode

Learning Mode

Once you see the 'Test Bind' indicator turn Green on your Summary Dashboard, you'll need to remain in "Learning Mode" until the Maturity Wheel reaches 100% for the AI-Model to be fully trained and ready to go.

To get your Model to Maturity as fast as possible, ensure the daily or nightly test runs are automatically pushed to the Appsurify platform as part of the CI Build Process, rather than manually pushing - as your AI-Model needs 50 Test Runs to be fully trained for the strongest results.

Depending on how many Test Runs per day, this could take ~2-3 weeks. AKA, the more test data / runs - the stronger the results!

Once Model Maturity wheel has hit 50 Test runs or 100%, your Model will be trained over the following weekend, and will be subsequently ready for Predictive Test Selection mode - and your team can begin to enjoy the time and resource savings!

It will then continually recalibrate every 25 Test Runs to ensure it is up-to-date on the latest and greatest data.

For any newly added Test Script:

For any new test script that is introduced at any time, the Model will always prioritize this test for 10 runs to ensure robust Linkage between Test and Code.

Simulate your Model Performance in "Your Model Insights"

*Model must be Trained for Model Insights page to populate.

See how your AI Model performs in real-time against your test runs to build trust and help with your implementation. Play around with different Percentage subsets to come to a comfort area of time and resource savings.

Remember, when the AI-Model is 1st trained - it will be at it's youngest with a bright future ahead of it. Every 25 new test runs - the Model Recalibrates and grows stronger. Therefore, it will continue to grow stronger and stronger over time. If you are unsatisfied with the initial training of your Model, Best Practice would be to leave it in "Learning Mode" until it reaches a point of Maturity that brings value and confidence to your organization.

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